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Webwatcher Review - Find Out How a Webwatcher Will Protect Your Child

Life as it is now, isn’t as peacefully as it looks like. Especially not on the internet. There are so many dangers for your child on the internet, that it’s better to have some kind of program to track his online activities so you can protect him/her. In this webwatcher review, you will find out why it’s better to use a program to track your child’s internet activities.

Monitoring / Recording

Good monitoring tools should monitor all email (sent / received both local and web based), email attachments, all instant chat messengers, keystrokes, passwords entered, p2p downloading, web searches, web sites visited and yes webwatcher does have all this capability.


Really good monitoring tools don’t just filter websites based on the website address entered but also based on a category you define or danger keywords you enter. The better ones will also block programs you define from being even launched on your computer - Yes webwatcher has all these features too and to see how it actually performed click here

Data Management

Another important feature of good monitoring software is how the data is managed and presented. Some tools only offer the ability to manage the data on the computer you are monitoring whereas others tools offer you the ability to remotely monitor this data in real time via secure means anywhere in the world (webwatcher is the market leader in this area and is the only true real-time monitoring tool currently on the market - others try to offer this as an add on tool with monthly billing but their offering is limited).

Stealth Option

Many monitoring tools will offer you the option during install to run in what is referred to as stealth mode which essentially means that it is completed invisible to the user but in truth some can still be accessed and shut down from the Task Manager (kids these days are tech savvy so be sure that if a tool offers this option that it is indeed 100% invisible on the task manager and even in the registry). Webwatcher’s stealth mode does offer this security.

Screen Capture

An often times over looked feature of monitoring software yet the difference between what products offer on this could save you hours of trawling through information. Many tools offer this option but the problem is - its an all or nothing feature as in you screen capture all computer activity or none at all. Now the better tools will automate the screen capturing process based on “danger keywords” you define so you won’t waste hours wading through unwanted data and even offer the ability to view this data via slide show (much like the pause / rewind / forward options in a dvd player) - a real time saver indeed.

Now you’ve read this webwatcher review, it’s now time to act and protect your child from the dangers from the internet. Web watcher software is a great way to do so. So check out how to get this program here!: Webwatcher Review To Protect Child.

And if you want to know more about the dangers of the internet, feel free to visit this page, which also contains a free eBook about The Dangers Of Networking Sites.

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Parental Manage Monitoring Software - Protects Youngster From Online Abuses

Children Online SafetyThe utilization of parental control monitoring software program are a good way for you personally to check your kids on what they do on-line. Safety from online predators and prevention of watching this kind of inappropriate sites are the benefits that parental manage monitoring programs can offer.

When obtaining parental manage monitoring software program and putting in it in your Pc, parents must realize that they also have to be extra careful on it. So, listed below are some suggestions and info you’ll need to do and know. Following using the computer or shopping online, do not neglect to place the software program out of action initial as this records your essential particulars in your credit score card or your passwords.

 A lot of monitoring software packages take screen shots where at a particular interval captures the contents from the display. All the pertinent information in your log in secure region will exposed when this software program isn’t disabled. All the information are encrypted and crackers often decode the encrypts, so a spyware is also required in your pc to bypass these encrypts.

 Making profiles for each member of your household is what some manage monitoring software program offer. You are able to select to make a child profile whenever you want that all inappropriate contents are blocked and keep track of what your child is performing on the internet, a teen profile by which the unacceptable websites are not blocked but you are able to keep track of what your youngster is doing, and a parent profile whenever you don’t want to be monitored and all of the inappropriate contents aren’t hindered. Whenever you can observe what your kids are doing you then can select to activate the parent profile, but it is important to activate the child profile when you’re not at home.

Protecting your children online is as easy as utilizing WebWatcher to safeguard their online activities. Read my website for more information about how I was able protect my two teenagers while still giving them their freedom online.

Some of the control monitoring software block the porn sites, therefore reducing the risk of malware infections and also protects your child from viewing inappropriate websites. The proper parental manage software will let you set up filters that could block any porn sites and will provide you with immediate control more than your computer.

 It is a fact that defending the children from these bad sites is the duty of a parent and due to these software their job is produced simpler.

With these, as a parent, you’re relieved when you realize that your children are secured while surfing on-line and whether you are absent, you don’t need to worry about them. In addition, you kids are free to use any amusing and edifying sources found on the internet.

Do research on parental control monitoring to learn much more about how this software can help you.

The safety of your child is of main importance. Let them appreciate on-line browsing without getting abused and to do this install a great parental control monitoring program on your Pc so as to know every move your child can make on the internet.